Foreign Aid and The Levant
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Foreign Aid and The Levant

To: Sen. Schumer, Rep. D'Esposito, Sen. Gillibrand

From: A constituent in Garden City, NY

July 2

Another evacuation order leaflet was dropped telling refugees to evacuate from eastern Khan Younis and eastern Rafah (a line which, again, Biden said was too far considering Rafah was supposedly the only safe zone left in Gaza well over a month ago) to the Mawasi strip. There have been several tent massacres already in the Mawasi coastal region. These supposed safe zones and leaflet droppings are solely for plausible deniability in the intent behind genocide. However as Dr. Segal and Mr. Mokheiber have stated quite eloquently for over six months now, the most difficult aspect of genocide to prove is shockingly apparent. End your office's support for and further culpability in and pressure your peers to end their support for and further culpability in genocide and other crimes against humanity. I pray that you see and rectify this before it is truly too late.

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