Rafah & "imprecise" bombardment
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Rafah & "imprecise" bombardment

To: Rep. D'Esposito, Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Schumer

From: A verified voter in Garden City, NY

May 9

Knesset member Gottlieb's threat—"I have news for the USA: we have inaccurate missiles ... Maybe instead of using an accurate missile and taking down a specific room - I will use inaccurate missiles , and I will collapse ten buildings"—is explicitly genocidal. Instead of 'precise' targeting she is saying Israel will kill anyone without justification, without provocation, just so the U.S. (we) will give them higher tech weapons which they have demonstrated to have used against hospitals, fresh water, and tens of thousands of civilians. Do not let the invasion and bombardment of Rafah make this genocide worse; use your political leverage to stop all aid to Israel and force them to end their genocide again the Gazan people.

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