Keep Public Funds in Public Schools!
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Keep Public Funds in Public Schools!

To: Sen. Hall, Lt. Gov. Patrick, Rep. Bell, Gov. Abbott

From: A constituent in Forney, TX

February 10

I am writing today to oppose any and all efforts to divert public tax money away from the Texas public school system and into the coffers of private schools. There are a number of reasons why I oppose the privatization of the Texas education system: - Public funds belong in public schools where they have proper and public oversight. - Public schools have never been properly funded, making comparisons to private schools disingenuous and misleading. - We already have a multitude of choices in many areas within the public school system. - School vouchers will harm rural areas where public schools are the backbone of the community and primary employer. - Public funds should not go to schools that can pick and choose which students to let in and which facts to teach. - Private schools are not required to have any kind accreditation, properly licensed teachers, transportation, extra-curricular activities, or special needs accommodations. For these, and many other reasons, I strongly oppose school vouchers, educations savings accounts, and any other plan to divert public school funds to private schools. Fund public schools! Pay public school teachers!

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