An open letter to Sen. Butler, Pres. Biden, Rep. Schiff, Sen. Padilla.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Butler, Pres. Biden, Rep. Schiff, Sen. Padilla

From: A verified voter in Los Angeles, CA

May 24

The Drug Enforcement Administration's manufacturing quotas are having unintended consequences and causing a nationwide shortage of medications like Adderall, Vyvanse, and Ritalin that millions rely on to manage ADHD. This shortage has now stretched on for over a year, leading to widespread suffering and disability for many families across the country. While efforts to curb drug misuse are well-intentioned, restricting access to controlled substances is directly interfering with public health and recovery for those legitimately using these medications as prescribed. Current policies are criminalizing treatment rather than promoting it. Effective ADHD medication can be truly life-changing and transformative, not just for managing symptoms but potentially preventing substance abuse issues from developing in the first place. Untreated ADHD significantly increases risks for addiction as people attempt to self-medicate. We must prioritize access to evidence-based care over enforcement actions that create treatment barriers. The DEA should reconsider its role in regulating medicine, as its policies are having the opposite of their intended effect and directly harming some of society's most vulnerable. Quotas must be re-evaluated to meet legitimate patient needs without undue restriction.

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