Pass Ukraine aid NOW!!!
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Pass Ukraine aid NOW!!!

To: Sen. Duckworth, Sen. Durbin, Rep. Foster

From: A constituent in Naperville, IL

February 25

Congress is facing a critical decision on supplemental aid for Ukraine. It failed to pass supplemental aid for Ukraine in its September continuing budget resolution. I am writing to ask that you help rectify this exclusion and vote yes on Ukraine aid. Ukraine is running out of supplies. As Russian strikes on civilians continue, the U.S. cannot turn its back on Ukraine. The United States is not alone in supporting Ukraine—in fact, 19 other countries have committed a greater percentage of their GDP to help than the U.S. has. Aid for Ukraine has some of the strictest oversight and accountability mechanisms in the history of U.S. aid, helping to make sure that this aid isn’t wasted. Giving Ukraine the tools it needs to finish the fight is the right thing to do to ensure that more Russian atrocities are stopped. Moreover, of the $67 billion spent on military aid to Ukraine, 100% of that is for weapons produced in the United States — this represents a serious investment in domestic manufacturing and American jobs. Aiding Ukraine enhances American readiness and prosperity. As your constituent, I’m asking that you please vote YES and work to make sure this legislation passes. And quickly! Thanks.

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