Criticizing Israel is not Antisemitic
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Criticizing Israel is not Antisemitic

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Hickenlooper, Rep. Crow, Sen. Bennet

From: A constituent in Littleton, CO

May 10

I am writing to you as a concerned member of our community regarding the weaponization of antisemitism in the discourse surrounding the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Recent events, including the imminent invasion of Rafah, have once again brought international attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a supporter of peace and justice, I am deeply troubled by the manipulation of antisemitism to silence legitimate criticism of Israel's actions in the region. The imminent invasion of Rafah, along with the escalation of violence in Gaza and the displacement of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, underscores the urgent need for our government and elected officials to stand firm against all forms of bigotry, including antisemitism, while also upholding the principles of free speech and the right to dissent. Criticizing Israeli government policies is not inherently antisemitic, and it is essential to distinguish between legitimate criticism and hate speech. As highlighted in a recent article by Jewish Voice for Peace, "Jewish Voice for Peace Responds to President Biden: You dishonor the memory of our families killed in the Holocaust," the cynical use of antisemitism accusations to shield Israel from accountability not only undermines genuine efforts to combat antisemitism but also perpetuates injustice and violence against Palestinians. I urge you to publicly denounce the weaponization of antisemitism and support efforts to foster open and honest dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is only through respectful engagement and a commitment to human rights and equality that we can work towards a just and peaceful resolution to this longstanding conflict. Furthermore, I call on you to actively support initiatives that promote peace, justice, and reconciliation in the region, including advocating for an end to the blockade of Gaza, the dismantling of illegal settlements, and the recognition of Palestinian rights to self-determination and statehood. Additionally, I urge you to publicly support the student encampments at local universities that have organically grown in recent weeks. These peaceful, anti-war encampments, which include the involvement of Jewish students, are essential to justice, peace, and freedom of speech. Supporting these protests demonstrates a commitment to upholding democratic values and amplifies the voices of those advocating for a just and equitable resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thank you for your attention to this critical issue. I urge you to use your platform and influence to amplify the voices of those demanding an end to the weaponization of antisemitism and advocating for a just and equitable resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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