Reject bill enabling Israel's oppression of Palestinians
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Reject bill enabling Israel's oppression of Palestinians

To: Sen. Stabenow, Sen. Peters, Rep. Dingell

From: A constituent in Novi, MI

May 15

The United States' blind allegiance to Israel has enabled unimaginable atrocities against the Palestinian people, amounting to ethnic cleansing and genocide. The proposed Israel Security Assistance Support Act is a sickening assault on human rights, accountability, and the constitutional balance of powers. By obligating all military aid to Israel within 30 days, this unconscionable legislation would circumvent vital legal requirements and congressional oversight processes governing arms transfers. It would force administration officials to rubber-stamp weapons shipments or face penalties, even if they expose potential violations of U.S. and international laws regarding civilian casualties and humanitarian access. This aggressive attempt to expedite an endless flow of lethal arms to Israel without due diligence or concern for Palestinian lives is a moral abomination that makes America complicit in war crimes, human rights violations, and the systematic oppression and displacement of an entire people. As Israel continues its illegal occupation, demolition of homes, and denial of self-determination to Palestinians, unconditional U.S. military funding enables this unconscionable injustice. Lawmakers have a solemn duty to uphold human rights and dignity, not aid and abet genocide through such legislative overreach favoring a foreign power's desires over America's core values, global credibility, and basic ethics. I implore you to reject this utterly shameful bill and any effort to subvert oversight or legal constraints when providing military assistance. The United States has an obligation to uphold its principles and stop bankrolling Israel's horrific oppression of Palestinians.

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