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Protect American Consumers

To: Sen. Hawley, Rep. Burlison, Sen. Schmitt

From: A constituent in Rogersville, MO

May 16

I am writing to express my concerns regarding the Credit Card Competition Act and to urge you to vote against this legislation. As a citizen who deeply values the safety and security provided by credit cards, I believe this act poses significant risks to both consumers and the broader financial ecosystem. Credit cards are currently among the safest and most secure payment options available to consumers in the United States. They offer robust fraud protection measures, including zero liability policies for unauthorized transactions, advanced encryption technologies, and continuous monitoring for suspicious activities. These features collectively ensure that consumers can engage in transactions with confidence, knowing that their financial information is protected. Moreover, credit card issuers invest heavily in innovative security technologies to stay ahead of emerging threats. This commitment to security is crucial in an era where cybercrime is increasingly sophisticated and pervasive. By disrupting the current credit card system, the Credit Card Competition Act could inadvertently weaken these security measures, exposing consumers to higher risks of fraud and identity theft. In addition to security, credit cards provide significant benefits that enhance financial stability for millions of Americans. They offer rewards programs, cash-back incentives, and consumer protections such as extended warranties and purchase protection. These benefits contribute to the financial well-being of consumers and help stimulate economic activity. The Credit Card Competition Act also threatens to undermine the economic viability of smaller financial institutions that rely on credit card fees to sustain their operations. These institutions play a vital role in serving underserved and rural communities, providing essential financial services that may otherwise be inaccessible. The potential reduction in revenue for these institutions could lead to decreased availability of credit and financial services for these communities, exacerbating financial inequality. It is also important to consider the unintended consequences that may arise from disrupting the current credit card infrastructure. For instance, increased operational costs and regulatory burdens could be passed on to consumers in the form of higher fees or reduced rewards. This would disproportionately impact those who rely on credit cards for everyday expenses and financial management. In conclusion, while the intent behind the Credit Card Competition Act may be to foster competition and reduce costs, the potential risks and negative impacts on consumer security and financial stability cannot be overlooked. I respectfully urge you to vote against this legislation and to consider alternative approaches that support both competition and the robust security measures that credit cards provide. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

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