An open letter to Rep. Houlahan, Sen. Casey, Sen. Fetterman.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Houlahan, Sen. Casey, Sen. Fetterman

From: A constituent in Oxford, PA

May 24

The Supreme Court has lost all facades of impartiality and reason. Justice Alito needs to be impeached after the blatant irrational beliefs he's displayed publicly for a conspiracy theory and for not holding his oath to defend the constitution (which does not condone insurrections). Further, the Supreme Court needs a mandatory and transparent ethics code, along with an independent civilian and bipartisan mechanism to enforce and investigate it. Term limits are a necessity. Allow every president to appoint 2 justices and rotate every 18 years. Legal scholars have proposed these and other solutions to these partisan and preventable issues. Get the Supreme Court out of this unchecked island of power that they exist in and CHANGE IT while impeaching and removing Alito and Thomas.

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