Do they matter?
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Do they matter?

To: Rep. Quigley, Sen. Durbin, Sen. Duckworth

From: A verified voter in Chicago, IL

May 9

Dear [Elected Official’s Name], I write to you today with a heavy heart regarding the tragic loss of innocent lives in Gaza, exemplified by the heartbreaking images of two boys crushed under the rubble of a residential block bombed by Israel in Rafah. Just hours before they were murdered by Israel, people had celebrated in the streets, rejoicing over the news of a ceasefire agreement accepted by Hamas, but later declined by Israel. The innocent faces of these two boys, filled with dreams and aspirations, stand as a stark reminder of the relentless brutality inflicted upon Palestinian children. The reality is undeniable: nearly 16,000 children have lost their lives, tens of thousands have been injured, and 19,000 have been orphaned as a result of the ongoing genocide. It is inconceivable to justify such immense human suffering as an act of self-defence. Furthermore, the indiscriminate targeting of civilian infrastructure, including schools, playgrounds, and even a child’s cancer ward, cannot be justified under any circumstances. Despite warnings from its allies, Israel has initiated a ground invasion into Rafah. Mere months ago, Israel issued evacuation orders for millions of people to relocate to Rafah, designating south Gaza as a “safe zone.” On Monday 6th May, the Israeli military instructed Palestinians to vacate the eastern regions of Rafah in anticipation of a military operation in southern Gaza. This illegal invasion is underway and the mass slaughter of innocents is unbearable. With more than 1.5 million individuals seeking refuge in and around Rafah, the pre-war population of 280,000 has been vastly overwhelmed, leaving Gazan civilians with nowhere to seek safety. There is nowhere safe in Gaza, every corner of the strip has been subjected to unimaginable terror and loss. We must ensure each and every politician is held accountable for their support in Israel’s genocide. The evidence is irrefutable, and Holocaust and genocide experts around the world, including from inside Israel, told you what was happening in late October 2023. I urge you to use your influence to demand immediate action to halt the violence in Gaza. FULL sanctions on the apartheid regime must be enacted immediately, a full arms embargo on the state, and the end of all political relations. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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