Neutralize Trump's mesg: DEMS will save Ukraine "on Day 1"
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Neutralize Trump's mesg: DEMS will save Ukraine "on Day 1"

To: Sen. Ossoff, Rep. Williams, Sen. Warnock

From: A verified voter in Decatur, GA

July 11

NEUTRALIZE this talking point of Trump's. When Dems win, WE will end the war in Ukraine in ONE DAY. Because Putin is waiting for Trump. No matter who wins our election, the war in Ukraine will end. If Trump wins, Putin wins and Ukraine falls. An entire, modern European country obliterated. Ukrainians scattered across Europe, US, and the world will never be able to go home. All those stolen children will stay lost in Russia forever. But ... if Biden/Dems win, Ukraine wins. The people return home, the world community works to bring those children home, and the country of Ukraine is restored. The war ends in one day no matter who wins our election. Let's end it the right way: VOTE DEM: DEFEAT PUTIN, SAVE UKRAINE! ***** Please spread this talking point to everyone you know on the Biden campaign. ***** Thank you from your committed, voting constituent.

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