Support the Supporting Abortion Access Act (S. 4554)
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Support the Supporting Abortion Access Act (S. 4554)

To: Sen. Bennet, Rep. Pettersen, Sen. Hickenlooper

From: A constituent in Arvada, CO

July 11

The Supporting Abortion Access Act (S. 4554) is a crucial bill that aims to protect reproductive rights and ensure access to abortion services across the United States. This legislation seeks to counteract regressive state laws that unduly restrict or criminalize abortion, putting the health and wellbeing of countless individuals at risk. The constitutional right to abortion has been under relentless attack, with numerous states enacting draconian measures that directly contradict established precedent. S. 4554 would safeguard this fundamental right by prohibiting restrictive state laws and regulations that improperly limit access to abortion services performed before viability or in cases where the pregnancy poses a risk to the life or health of the pregnant individual. Reproductive freedom is a core tenet of personal liberty and bodily autonomy. By preserving access to safe, legal abortion, this bill upholds the principles of privacy, equality, and human rights enshrined in our nation's laws and values. It is a necessary step in protecting the well-being and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their circumstances or geographic location. I urge you to support the Supporting Abortion Access Act and stand firm in defense of reproductive justice. Upholding these essential rights is not only a moral imperative but also a vital safeguard for public health, economic stability, and the advancement of gender equity. Please act decisively to ensure that all individuals have the freedom to make deeply personal decisions about their bodies and futures without undue interference or coercion.

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