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To: Rep. Dingell, Sen. Peters, Sen. Stabenow

From: A constituent in Plymouth, MI

July 11

The Democratic Party has become a disappointment of the highest levels. I will Vote Blue no matter who because I care about Women, people of culture, freedom to love and live in your truth, young people, the environment, free speech, free press and a world that works in concert with each other and not against. However, the behavior and lack of respect to cooperate and support the most successful and challenged President in my lifetime is DEPLORABLE. What we have become since Trump and MAGA began deconstructing our Nation is unrecognizable. Democrats in the Senate with majority, by playing by the old rules have allowed The GOP to steal Women’s right to their own healthcare and so much more. The Courts should not have been able to make any of these decisions. The President should have come back from a horrible debate with support of a party committed to making executive decision to change things at every level. The Senate should have opened investigations into the Court Members the minute Biden took power. Here we are, living in fear daily of what’s next this is not on Biden this is on a party who does not keep their business and challenge private. The chaos of what is happening in this moment once again proves why Independents and Never Trumpers don’t stick with Dems!

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