US stands at a Historical Precipice
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US stands at a Historical Precipice

To: Sen. Bennet, Pres. Biden, Rep. Crow, Sen. Hickenlooper

From: A constituent in Littleton, CO

May 9

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the ongoing violence and human rights abuses in Gaza, particularly the role of U.S. support for Israel's actions. As a constituent, I urge you to take immediate action to address this critical issue. The recent escalation of violence in Gaza, as highlighted in the recent article from Jewish Voice for Peace titled "Breaking: The U.S. Ultimatum to Israel: Act Now," has resulted in the loss of countless innocent lives, including women and children, and widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure. The article underscores the urgent need for the U.S. government to reassess its unwavering support for Israel and to prioritize the protection of human rights and international law. The indiscriminate targeting of residential buildings, schools, hospitals, and media offices, as documented in the article, constitutes clear violations of international law and basic humanitarian principles. Furthermore, the continued military and financial support provided by the United States to Israel enables these violations to persist with impunity. As a taxpayer, I am deeply troubled by the use of my tax dollars to fund such atrocities. I urge you to use your influence to pressure the U.S. government to: 1 Immediately cease all military aid to Israel until it complies with international law and ends its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. 2 Support an independent investigation into human rights abuses committed by all parties involved in the conflict, including Israel. 3 Advocate for a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the principles of equality, self-determination, and respect for international law. It is imperative that the United States takes a principled stance in support of human rights and justice in the region. Failure to do so not only perpetuates suffering and instability but also undermines America's credibility as a champion of democracy and human rights worldwide. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. I look forward to your prompt response and actions on behalf of your constituents.

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