Urge Israel to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza
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Urge Israel to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza

To: Rep. Blumenauer, Sen. Wyden, Pres. Biden, Sen. Merkley

From: A constituent in Portland, OR

May 8

The situation in Gaza is dire, with the United Nations World Food Program declaring a "full-blown famine" in the northern part of the territory. According to reports, around a third of Gaza's population is experiencing catastrophic hunger levels, and this could rise to nearly half by July if the situation does not improve. The primary cause of this crisis is the severe restrictions imposed by Israel on humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza after the outbreak of hostilities with Hamas last October. While some aid has been allowed in recent weeks under international pressure, it falls far short of the 500 trucks of aid that entered daily before the war. Israel's actions have pushed civilians in the most isolated and devastated areas of Gaza to the brink of starvation, with families reduced to eating animal feed and foraging for weeds. The consequences, especially for children and pregnant women, could be long-lasting and life-threatening. We urge you to use your influence to compel Israel to fully open its borders and land crossings for the delivery of essential humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. The free flow of food, medicine, and other vital supplies is crucial to averting a catastrophic loss of life and alleviating the suffering of innocent civilians caught in the midst of this conflict.

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