Unite behind Biden's record, leverage data-driven models
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Unite behind Biden's record, leverage data-driven models

To: Rep. Quigley, Sen. Duckworth, Sen. Durbin

From: A constituent in Chicago, IL

July 6

The 2024 presidential election is of paramount importance, and we must approach it with a level-headed and strategic mindset. President Biden's record speaks for itself – he has delivered on key promises, from job creation and economic recovery to protecting democracy. However, the path to re-election hinges on unifying the party and focusing on the factors that truly determine electoral success. The 13 Keys to the White House model, developed by renowned political historian Allan Lichtman, provides a more scientific and objective framework for predicting election outcomes. This model identifies 13 specific criteria, or "keys," that have accurately predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1984. Remarkably, President Biden currently holds a favorable position on several of these keys, including the incumbent party's performance in midterm elections and the lack of a contested primary. Losing President Biden as the Democratic nominee would undoubtedly cost the party two crucial keys: the incumbent party contest and the third-party candidate keys. This significant disadvantage could jeopardize the Democrats' chances of retaining the White House. Instead of being swayed by transient polls or pundits' speculations, we must remain steadfast in our support for the President and concentrate our efforts on securing the swing keys that will ultimately determine the election's outcome. It is imperative that the Democratic Party unites behind President Biden and his accomplished record. A fractured party will only play into the hands of those seeking to undermine our democratic institutions. By focusing on the substantive issues that resonate with the American people and leveraging data-driven models like the 13 Keys, we can chart a path to victory that transcends fleeting narratives and ensures the continuity of progressive leadership.

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