An open letter to Sen. Hawley, Sen. Schmitt, Rep. Luetkemeyer.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Hawley, Sen. Schmitt, Rep. Luetkemeyer

From: A verified voter in High Ridge, MO

June 6

Are you sad about this moment in history? I get the frustration and sadness as a moment when 45 is convicted. An unprecedented moment in history. I am far from satisfied. This was the lowest case on the docket for me and many others but here and now. It is a harbinger of the future. If “ we the people“ choose that future to be and vote for it to be. I liked the comment by the NY - DA. “We follow the truth without fear or favor.” Ya I can agree with that. In my father’s Navy - it was said to be true that if the heads didn’t roll at the top, it didn’t work. Everybody is accountable from the bottom to the top. That’s Military, in a Republic we at least have to be responsible for our actions, for our character to be trustworthy, transparent, keeping accurate records etc. to remain a Public Servant. Who serves at the behest of the people. I am more interested in the documents case in Florida, the Georgia RICO case The DC Case. Unfortunately We need to mention the other cases in this critique of the moment post 45 Those are fair statements that rings true for a lot of “we the people“. I want to know what you think about this issue. Are for the rule of law or only for it when it finds Trump innocent or the courts delay to kick the can down the road. Are you an election denier? Conservatism should not be defined by the MAGA movement or the freedom caucus. I am more in line with the party of Lincoln. Are you?

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