Do Not Pass HR6090
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Do Not Pass HR6090

To: Sen. Peters, Rep. Scholten, Sen. Stabenow

From: A constituent in Wyoming, MI

May 2

Do not pass HR6090. I understand this is a grand-standing move from the Republicans, but I still want to express my opposition. There's a difference between antisemitism and the first amendment. Classifying any criticism toward Israel as a country/government to be antisemitism is blatantly insane. I know that you know that this is not a good faith effort to support the innocent Jewish community. I want to express sympathy that you are being dragged into a Catch 22 through no fault of your own. But at the end of the day, your vote is still yours to cast. This proposed legislation risks conflating legitimate criticism of the Israeli government's policies with antisemitism, threatening freedom of speech. While addressing rising antisemitism is crucial, defining it too broadly could quash important political discourse. I urge you to oppose this bill as it stands and instead pursue targeted measures that truly safeguard Jewish communities without infringing on constitutional rights. Protecting both minority groups and free expression requires a nuanced approach grounded in democratic values.

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