Stop Violating Humanitarian Law - Ceasefire NOW
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Stop Violating Humanitarian Law - Ceasefire NOW

To: Sen. Ricketts, Pres. Biden, Rep. Flood, Sen. Fischer

From: A constituent in LA Vista, NE

February 22

From Avril Benoit, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders: “The US government has repeatedly stressed how concerned it is for civilians in Gaza, while simultaneously funding and providing diplomatic cover to Israel for a war characterized by an extraordinarily high number of civilian deaths and repeated attacks on hospitals and health care workers. If the US and other member states are truly committed to protecting human life and upholding humanitarian law, they would do everything in their power to end this suffering and bring about an immediate and permanent ceasefire.” I support a ceasefire, along with 66 Congressmembers (as of Jan 29), 61% of American voters, and over 70% of Democrats (Data for Progress). We are paying attention to representatives who publicly call for a permanent ceasefire, which will shape the 2024 elections. I want you to cosponsor HR 786 by Rep Bush. I am demanding you to take immediate steps to deescalate violence in Gaza and Israel by calling for 1) a total and permanent ceasefire, 2) humanitarian aid allowed to enter Gaza, 3) an end to Israel's siege on Gaza, 4) the release of all Palestinian and Israeli hostages, 5) no more weapons or funding to the Israeli military, 6) the reinstatement of UNRWA funding. A permanent ceasefire is an absolutely critical step to ensuring everlasting liberation and peace. Never again means never again for anyone. Palestinians deserve to live with freedom and safety which means first stopping this genocide and then ensuring liberation from occupation and apartheid. The liberation and safety of Palestinians, Israelis, Jewish people, and Muslim people are intertwined. There can only be true safety when we are all free from oppression. U.S. made weapons are killing entire families in Gaza. Our tax dollars are directly funding this genocide. The ICJ ruled that Israel should do everything in its power to prevent genocide. South Africa is also suing President Biden for participating in this genocide. You must take action now and end all U.S. support in Israel's enactment of this genocide.

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