End the nakba. Free Palestine. This cannot continue đź’”
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End the nakba. Free Palestine. This cannot continue đź’”

To: Rep. Casar

From: A verified voter in Austin, TX

May 28

I am writing to you as a deeply concerned citizen of the United States. The ongoing violence and suffering in Palestine is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis, and it cannot continue in my name, with my tax dollars, or under my watch. The bombardment on Palestine has reached a point where the actions of the Israeli government can only be described as genocidal. Innocent lives are being lost by the thousands, and the displacement and oppression of Palestinians persist unabated. The generational trauma Palestinians have endured long before October 7 is being so deeply entrenched the long term ramifications of survivors is unbearable to consider. While some will escape with their lives, many have suffered severe physical injuries and all have suffer horrific psychological harm. This is an affront to the values of justice, equality, and human rights that we, as Americans, hold dear. I implore you to use every ounce of your influence and power to put an end to this violence. It is imperative that the United States take decisive action to remove the leaders responsible for these atrocities and work towards establishing an autonomous Palestinian state. Failing to address this crisis will not only continue the cycle of violence but will also tarnish our nation's legacy as a beacon of freedom and human rights. Moreover, if you do not act decisively to end this genocide, you risk losing the support of many Americans who are deeply troubled by these events. Should this issue remain unaddressed, it is likely that Biden will not be elected and we will face another term under an oppressive Trump regime, the implications of which will impact us for the rest of our lives. The responsibility will rest on democratic shoulders. I urge you to consider the gravity of this situation and the potential consequences our nation. End the genocide. Biden should aside from the election if necessary, and a candidate who will represent the will of the people and stand firmly for human rights and justice should be brought forth. History will judge us by our actions in these critical moments. Let us be remembered for standing on the right side of history.

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