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Rep. Gregorio Casar

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Urge ceasefire, investigate alleged Israeli war crimes in Rafah

The assault on Rafah is a grave escalation of violence against Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Over one million displaced Palestinians have fled to Rafah seeking shelter, yet Israel's military campaign persists unabated. This disproportionate use of force contravenes international humanitarian law an

Map PinAustin, TX

Stop Gaza bombing, secure ceasefire, protect Palestinian lives

The ongoing bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces has resulted in devastating humanitarian consequences and countless civilian casualties. This military assault is unacceptable and a gross violation of international law. We urge you to take immediate action to halt the deadly airstrikes, secure a ceasef

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Reform exploitative prison labor, ensure inmate worker rights

Prisoners are being subjected to dangerous working conditions with inadequate training, safety protocols, and access to medical care. This treatment violates basic human rights and labor protections that all workers should be entitled to, regardless of incarceration status. These systemic issues ste

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Age and term limits of judges and elected officials are absolutely necessary

The unrestrained accumulation of power and the erosion of democratic norms pose grave threats to the integrity of our republic. Unchecked executive authority enabled the previous administration's disturbing authoritarian overtures and subversions of the rule of law. To safeguard our liberties, we mu

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Fully fund IRS to ensure tax fairness

The IRS plays a critical role in ensuring a fair and effective tax system that allows for appropriate funding of vital social programs. The audit findings regarding the former president's tax practices highlight the importance of robust enforcement capabilities to prevent exploitation of loopholes a

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Uphold Title IX protections for LGBTQ+ students and staff

Uphold Title IX protections for LGBTQ+ students and staff The governor does not have this authority. The LGBTQ+ community has the same rights as cis gender white Christian males like the corrupt Texas governor. Title IX seeks to uphold fundamental civil rights and prevent discrimination on the basis

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Conditioning military aid enables Israeli forces' abuses in Palestine.

Blinken's decision to continue military aid to Israeli units involved in credible reports of serious human rights violations against Palestinians enables further atrocities with impunity. The meager punishments, such as community service for killing an unarmed Palestinian, undermine the Leahy Laws'

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Urgent Western military aid for Ukraine's air defense systems.

Ukraine continues to face relentless Russian attacks on its critical infrastructure, particularly its energy facilities. The recent barrage of over 50 cruise missiles and explosive drones targeting power grids across seven Ukrainian regions underscores the urgency of providing Ukraine with more robu

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Make saving social security a priority

Social Security is facing a serious financial crisis that demands immediate action from Congress. The recent report from the Social Security trustees predicts the program's funds will be depleted by November 2033, less than a decade away. At that point, automatic benefit cuts will be triggered unles

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Uphold press freedom, reconsider Al Jazeera office shutdown

The threat to press freedom extends beyond Israel's actions against Al Jazeera. The United States must also actively safeguard journalistic independence and reject any attempts at censorship or media suppression within its own borders. Protecting the ability of domestic and international media to op

Verified VoterAustin, TX

Bodily autonomy must be federally guaranteed in the USA

The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has severely restricted reproductive rights across many states. This concerning development undermines the fundamental principle of bodily autonomy and jeopardizes the well-being of countless individuals. I urge you to support efforts to enshrine the right to ab

Verified VoterAustin, TX

End Federal Ban on Marijuana: Align with State Laws Now

The recent proposal by the DEA to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, moving it from Schedule I to Schedule III, is a significant policy shift. However, it falls short of the necessary reform. While this move acknowledges the medical uses of cannabis and its lower potential for abuse, it

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