Reform the Supreme Court
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Reform the Supreme Court

To: Rep. Sherrill, Sen. Menendez, Pres. Biden, Sen. Booker

From: A constituent in Livingston, NJ

July 2

I am writing to you as a lifelong Democrat to demand that our party get serious about reforming the Supreme Court. Trump stacked the court with justices who would serve his own personal interests and they are doing so at a rapid pace. The Supreme Court is a corrupt institution with corrupt justices serving lifetime appointments and they are damaging our democracy with their decisions. Democrats must move quickly to expand the Court and institute term limits, and to move against the influence of dark money. The Republican Party has shown that they will ruthlessly push their own agenda by any means. It’s time for the Democratic Party to start doing the same - your constituents are overwhelmingly progressive and overwhelmingly fed up with your lack of action.

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