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Save Democracy

To: Rep. Morgan, Gov. Whitmer, Sen. Irwin

From: A constituent in Plymouth, MI

July 3

Democracy is depending on leaders of integrity at this moment not ego and bluster. It’s like deja vu all over again with the undermining of our candidate. We belittled HRC and we did not unite behind Joe in 2020, really it’s a miracle but we had the Young People and more Ethnic voter commitment. Here we are knocking at the door that could end Democracy and like it or not Bidens accomplishments are unnoticed. We live in a World of chaos. I blame the stench on f Trump and the republicans for all of it but Dems are horrible messengers to people who don’t care about History and are now inspired by hate. Our President is old, it is more than showing and I am afraid he will get worse before he would be sworn in. I wish this was not the case. The young people already walked away. Gaza is a mess and Schumer and Dems don’t understand how many they will lose by catering to Netanyahu(Israel’s Trump). Black Men have said because of what they see true or untrue in the media they will not support Biden. The Squad, who I respect and admire has further undermined Biden and down ballot, Big $ funded candidates with young voters. Even if the squad will plug their noses and vote for Biden, this is not perceived in any of the messaging. Do something Bold use the Supreme Court decisions to make moves! noticeable ones now! Unite behind a candidate who can win and select this person in private. If it’s Kamala Harris get guarantees from all the big money donors to spend like there is no tomorrow to make her win. If it’s not her find a way for her to leave on her own terms. It is after all the fault of all Democrats for not propping her up more! Stop the infighting, talking to slanted press who care more about scoop than our Nation. Democracy is at stake. Battle like the GOB before we lose our County!

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