Expand Supreme Court to protect democracy and rule of law
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Expand Supreme Court to protect democracy and rule of law

To: Sen. Vance, Sen. Brown, Rep. Beatty, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Columbus, OH

July 2

The recent Supreme Court decision in Trump v. United States has granted the president shockingly broad immunity from criminal prosecution, essentially allowing a future president to commit crimes with impunity. This undemocratic ruling poses a grave threat to the rule of law and our system of checks and balances. To restore accountability and prevent the further consolidation of autocratic power in the executive branch, Congress must take immediate action to expand the Supreme Court. Adding new justices committed to democratic principles and restraining presidential overreach would counterbalance the current Court's dangerous deference to the president. Failure to act now risks enabling a future president to wield their authority in an entirely lawless manner, unchecked by either the judiciary or Congress. The stakes for protecting our democratic institutions could not be higher.

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