Request for Immediate Presidential Pardon of Marilyn Mosby
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Request for Immediate Presidential Pardon of Marilyn Mosby

To: Sen. Duckworth, Rep. Ramirez, Sen. Durbin

From: A constituent in Chicago, IL

May 10

Subject: Request for Immediate Presidential Pardon of Marilyn Mosby I am writing to you as a concerned citizen deeply committed to justice and fairness in our legal system. Today, I wish to bring to your immediate attention the case of Ms. Marilyn Mosby, the former Baltimore City State's Attorney, who currently faces up to forty years in federal prison under charges that I believe to be unjust and disproportionately severe. Ms. Mosby has been recognized for her dedication to reforming the justice system and her bold actions, particularly in high-profile cases like that of Freddie Gray. Her efforts to address systemic issues within our police and justice systems have made her a target for those resistant to change. The charges against her are not only troubling but seem to be part of a larger pattern of selective prosecution that disproportionately affects leaders of color, especially Black women. It is concerning that while hundreds of similar cases involving retirement fund withdrawals occurred, only Ms. Mosby has been prosecuted with such severity. This selective prosecution undermines trust in our legal system and perpetuates racial disparities. I urge you to consider the broader implications of this case and to use your powers to grant Ms. Marilyn Mosby a full presidential pardon before her sentencing on May 23, 2024. Such an act would not only correct an individual injustice but also reaffirm your administration's commitment to fairness and equity in the justice system. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. I hope for a swift and just resolution that upholds the principles upon which our nation was founded.

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