Hold Thomas and Alito accountable
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Hold Thomas and Alito accountable

To: Sen. Durbin

From: A constituent in Urbana, IL

June 4

I call on you to begin hearings on the many ethical violations and conflicts of interest by Justices Thomas and Alito. It’s baffling and disturbing that the Judiciary Committee has allowed Supreme Court corruption to go on this long without so much as an investigation. For the good of the country, that must change. I do appreciate your support of Sen. Whitehouse’s Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal and Transparency Act. I urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that it gets a vote in the full Senate. I know Republicans might filibuster it. I know it would never pass the Republican House. Do it anyway! Make it an issue, and show the public how important it is that Justices be held to high ethical standards. The right-wing threats to our democracy are real and immediate, and for God’s sake, Democrats have to start acting like it.

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