Demand Israel Enter into a Ceasefire
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Demand Israel Enter into a Ceasefire

To: Rep. Jeffries, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand

From: A verified voter in Brooklyn, NY

April 25

The time for inaction on Israel’s genocide on Palestinians has come to an end! Sen. Schumer and Leader Jeffries - you each carry a direct line to the President. Each of you should urgently urge the President to force Israel into a cease-fire and end any further military support to the State of Israel. Its government does not value the friendship of having us as an ally. Instead it intentionally provokes Iran, a Country which we already have strained relations with in order to expand this war and cement our “support” for Israel. In 1948, only through the recognition and backing of the United States could Israel claim its place amongst others within the United Nations. Our government was and continues to err by failing to also recognize those who originally occupied that land; the State of Palestine. Today, Israel has abused our friendship by expanding its borders well beyond those we drew for it, killing by way of genocide the Palestine people and intentionally targeting Palestinian children to further erode the Palestine people decades from today. It’s shameful that today we stand side to side with murderers and a genocidal regime instead of standing up for freedom like we once did for so many others. You all have a duty to tell the President that his inaction has already cost him the reelection; and while you may find you all find comfort in living in a very blue State, you endanger your seats, especially you Leader Jeffries who is the most vulnerable, by continuing to be silent as this goes on. Show some courage.

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