Invest in the military-industrial complex to protect the eastern flank
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Invest in the military-industrial complex to protect the eastern flank

To: Rep. Pocan, Pres. Biden, Sen. Johnson, Sen. Baldwin

From: A constituent in Madison, WI

June 6

I hope that this letter finds you well. As your constituent. I am asking you to help supercharge the defense industrial complex with tens of billions of dollars of investments. The war in Ukraine is a brutal invasion and violation of the Geneva Convention that must be shown with our fullest support, but it also is a good learning opportunity to increase NATOs strength and knowledge, as well as to find any gaps that could make our victory more costly and bloody. For example, air defenses in Europe, specifically Eastern Europe, are lacking, only have 5% of what is needed to protect the eastern flank, according to unnamed sources who spoke on anonymity to the FT. This is extremely problematic for many reasons. Such a lack of air defense systems leaves many bases vulnerable to Russian attacks, especially when the kremlin is rapidly producing thousands of cruise missiles and shahad drones. Not only does it leave our troops and allies vulnerable to attack, but it also means many civilians and civilian infractions will not be protected, and therefore will very likely be targeted. If we are to prepare for a war with Russia, which is looking ever more likely by the months, we need to secure our skies and reinforce the eastern flank with as many air defenses as possible. I want to applaud all the recent efforts to improve the military-industrial complex, however it is not enough. I ask that you support air defense production, specifically for patriot batteries and short to medium range systems, in the tens of billions of dollars, as well as to modernize and upgrade military supply chains. This will also allow us to support Ukraine more, giving them desperately air defense to protect their civilians from Russian attacks on civilians and energy infrastructure. This will also create hundreds of jobs and stimulate the economy, something that is desperately needed if we want to outpace Russias military-industrial complex and compete with China. I hope you consider my message, for the future security and prosperity of Ukraine, NATO, and the free world.

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