An open letter to Sen. Casey, Sen. Fetterman, Rep. Wild.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Casey, Sen. Fetterman, Rep. Wild

From: A constituent in Allentown, PA

July 10

Please support the Price Gouging Prevention Act. The ultra wealthy must not be permitted to continue to dramatically increase their wealth while most of the country starves or barely scrapes by. Stop trying to make America and Americans as poor as underdeveloped nations! If prices of a product need to double or triple, the leaders of that company, the money makers, better be suffering serious financial decline before passing hardship on to the lower income people. Sell those yachts, mansions, and dozen-car collections before telling regular people that food prices need to triple. Healthier, nutritious food should be affordable. Our nation shouldn't consider ramen noodles as a primary food source because it's all we can afford. Help our people do better, please.

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