Oppose H.R. 2864
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Oppose H.R. 2864

To: Sen. Casey, Rep. Reschenthaler, Sen. Fetterman

From: A constituent in Rostraver Township, PA

June 7

Please oppose the Countering CCP Drones Act, HR 2864 and attempts to include it in the 2025 NDAA. This wide reaching ban would hurt Americans like me who use drones for business, research, recreation or public safety. It prevents new products from the world’s most popular drone manufacturer from coming to market and could even take away FCC authorizations for the drones I already own and use.. This prevents me from choosing the best technology on the market and could ground entire fleets currently used by public safety agencies, small businesses, hobbyists and more. It would force thousands of small businesses to close, hurting me personally, the drone industry and American economy. Replacing the drones isn’t an option for me because there is nothing on the market with similar capabilities, reliability, cost and privacy protections. For example, unlike most electronics, my drone’s photos and videos aren’t shared by default, I have to opt in to do that. Rather than hurt the drone industry, a growing hobby and American jobs, please oppose HR 2864. Thank you.

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