Demand accountability for Israel's attacks on Gaza civilians
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Demand accountability for Israel's attacks on Gaza civilians

To: Sen. Fetterman, Sen. Casey

From: A constituent in Philadelphia, PA

May 27

The recent attack on the Rafah tent camp housing displaced civilians in Gaza is an atrocity that cannot be tolerated. The horrific loss of innocent lives, including many children burned alive in their shelters, is a grave violation of international humanitarian law and the binding order from the International Court of Justice. These actions by Israeli forces demonstrate a blatant disregard for human rights and the rules of war. This latest assault on Rafah underscores the moral and legal imperative for immediate action. Israel must face consequences for its continued defiance of the ICJ ruling and global condemnation. A total and sustained ceasefire in Gaza is urgently needed to prevent further suffering and loss of life among the civilian population. As a concerned citizen, I implore you to take decisive steps to hold Israel accountable. Suspend military aid and cooperation until there is full compliance with international law. Pursue sanctions and other punitive measures to compel Israel to halt its offensive in Rafah and across Gaza. The global community cannot remain complicit through inaction while such heinous crimes are perpetrated against a defenseless population.

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