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Published November 1, 2020 / Updated November 2, 2020

One Day More

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3: here's how you can vote, make sure it counts, and have an impact on the 2020 election.

by Jason Putorti


Resistbot puts everything you need to make a difference, right at your thumbs.

If You Haven't Voted, But Have a Mail Ballot

If you are holding a mail ballot right now, use the pollsFind ballot dropboxes and polling places keyword to find a ballot drop off location, or the localFind your local election office keyword to contact your local election office and ask for directions on the best way to return it safely, on or before November 3. Secretaries of State around the country are saying it's too late to mail it back, so don't take a chance with the mail.

Your ballot must be in the hands of your local election officials before the polls close on Election Day. Polls begin closing in the United States with Indiana at 6pm on November 3.

If You Haven't Voted, and Don't Have a Ballot

It's too late to request a mail ballot anywhere in the United States, so you need to vote in-person. Many states still offer early voting today, some offer it tomorrow. Text earlyGet early voting information in your state to get everything you need to vote early now, and beat the lines on Election Day if you can. Use the checkCheck your voter registration & be alerted if it changes command to make sure you're registered before you go.

If you're not registered to vote, you may still be in luck. Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming offer same-day registration when you vote, it's just another form to fill out. If you were registered and were dropped from the rolls, try the localFind your local election office keyword to see if the situation can be resolved; or text or call 866-687-8683 to reach Election Protection.

If You're Voting on Election Day

To find where to vote on Election Day, the pollsFind ballot dropboxes and polling places keyword has you covered. Polling places begin opening in the United States at 6am, and the first polling places close at 6pm, so please make a plan now in your calendar for when and where you're going to vote, and how you're going to get there. If you need a ride, Lyft and Uber are both offering discounted rides, and many public transportation services are offering free rides. Look up your local agency for details. Lines may be long, so consider bringing water, snacks, a cell phone battery, or other essentials.

Most importantly, if you're voting on Election Day, take a selfie in line or near the polling site; and use the protectCreate a record of your attempt to vote in case you're disenfranchised at the polls keyword to fill out a virtual affidavit as additional proof that you showed up. Election protection experts recommend these steps to ensure that your vote counts should there be any irregularities at your polling site, precinct, or municipality this year.

If You Already Voted

The most important thing you can do, is vote, and make sure it counts. Use the trackTrack your early or absentee ballot keyword to make sure your ballot wasn't rejected. If it was rejected you may be able "cure" your ballot so it counts, or you need to vote in-person. Ballots can be rejected for a variety of reasons, from missing secrecy envelopes, to missing or mismatched signatures, to witness requirements. If you have any questions, use the localFind your local election office keyword to contact your local election officials.

If You Voted, and You Know it Counted

Sweet! Send votedTell the bot you voted to unlock a new voter checklist. to the bot to get a virtual "I voted" GIF and to unlock a brand new voter checklist. In that checklist you'll find the volunteerFind nearby and virtual phone and text banks, canvassing events, and more keyword, which will give you ways to help in the last few days, and driveCreate your own voter registration and pledge drive keyword, which will allow you to make a vote drive to turn out your friends in the last few days. You may still be able to work the polls on Election Day and help your fellow citizens cast their ballots and make everything go more smoothly. Many municipalities still need folks, and they pay you too.

Lastly, please send countPetition to state legislators and Governors asking to count every vote to the bot to ask your Governor and state legislators to count every vote. If the election is close or contested, the President, even the federal judiciary could exert pressure on states and counties to stop counting votes for completely arbitrary reasons. There's nothing in the Constitution that says you must count every ballot on Election Day and throw out whatever you don't get to. This is what the President wants. Tell your officials it's wrong, and to resist any effort to throw out the legally cast ballots of your fellow Americans.

There's one day to go, make it count.

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