Every Donation Now Earns You CoinsEvery Donation Now Earns You Coins
Published August 19, 2021 / Updated October 12, 2021

Every Donation Now Earns You Coins

Now you earn coins with each donation you make, and can spend them to advance the issues and causes you care about to your fellow members.

by Jason Putorti

Illustration of Resistbot coins: gold coins with Rosie robots minted into them

Resistere in aeternum / Resist forever

Today we're happy to announce that coins are now being awarded for each Resistbot donation as well as for receiving awarded alerts! Since launch, your donations have been only that, donations. You've kept the bot running, helped us deliver thirty million letters to officials, helped us nudge millions to the polls, and more. We've had special perks like daily front pages for monthly donors for a while, but now we're giving every donor something back.

The first thing you'll be able to spend on is promoting a campaign to folks who have turned on our new rewarded alerts. For two coins, we'll text the campaign you choose to one member: one coin will go to the member for their time and attention, and one coin to us to keep the bot running. If your issue is only relevant, for example, in the state of California or the city of Orlando, we'll direct your asks for help appropriately, automatically, and never to someone who's already seen the campaign. Our goal is to let you promote issues you care about—which may not even make the news—directly and immediately. You can also provide more specificity, for example, to the constituents of an elected official or officials opposed to the policy you're advancing, or constituents of a single political party. Want to make sure Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema hear from their constituents about voting rights? We can use your coins to text Arizona and West Virginia members only.

So now there's a way to reach people beyond folks you've already shared your campaign with via email, texts, or social media, and for pennies per person! For organizing, we think that's a pretty big deal. Right now a $5 donation will earn you 359 coins, or enough to reach 179 people, and their elected officials that you may not have been able to get to otherwise. The more you give, the more coins you'll earn per dollar as our fees become a smaller percentage of the transaction. The cost of a coin is what we pay to text someone, so the number of coins you get per donation will likely adjust over time.

You can also spend coins is to get around the limit of 10 deliveries per day, or for a one-time jump to the front of the line if you hit a bot on fire queue. You'll be prompted automatically if you hit either of these if you have coins in your account. This will give you the flexibility of getting a boost when you need it, without requiring a monthly commitment.

We've been awarding coins behind the scenes to donors since July 30, so use the coinsSee your current coin balance! keyword to see if you already have some! And the promoteUse coins to promote a campaign you care about! keyword is live as of this moment if you have a campaign you want to push. Thank you for your continued support! Feel free to use the feedbackSend feedback to the Resistbot volunteers! keyword anytime to tell us what you think, and to help us continue to make Resistbot better serve your activism.

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