Resistbot Petition: End Daylight Saving Time & Restore Permanent Standard Time Nationwide

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

End Daylight Saving Time & Restore Permanent Standard Time Nationwide

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Please end Daylight Saving Time (DST) and restore permanent Standard Time nationwide, for lasting health, safety, and prosperity. Please reject pressure from special interests to retry deadly permanent DST. Permanent Standard Time (Sleep Protection) keeps sunrise before 8am year-round in most states. It lets most Americans sleep naturally past sunrise every day. It aligns clocks to circadian rhythms, preserves morning sunlight, and protects start times for schoolchildren, farmers, and other working adults. It’s the natural time, defined by sun and longitude. Professional polls show it has the most nationwide support. Doctors, teachers, and community leaders urge it’s best for immunity, longevity, mood, alertness, sports, education, productivity, earnings, environment, and civil liberties. It can be done by striking just one paragraph from the Uniform Time Act (15 USC 260a). Permanent DST (Sunshine Protection) would delay sunrise past 8:45am, and past 8am for four months, in most states. It would force us to wake an hour early relative to sunrise every weekday from November through March. DST misaligns clocks from circadian rhythms and chronically deprives sleep. It increases heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, substance abuse, depression, accidents, crime, and suicide. It wastes energy. It burdens religious communities. It cannot make winter feel like summer. Support for permanent DST reverses into opposition when experienced. It cost American children’s lives in 1974. It would gut the Uniform Time Act. Organizations that oppose DST and endorse permanent Standard Time include the American College of Chest Physicians, National Safety Council, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, National Sleep Foundation, National PTA, American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Start School Later, Society for Research on Biological Rhythms, and many more. Protect sleep. Save money and lives. End DST and restore permanent Standard Time.

▶ Created on March 12, 2022 by Save Standard Time

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