Resistbot Petition: A Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ally requests support for bills 4944 and 4963. (Mich. only)

An open letter to State Legislatures (Mich. only)

A Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ally requests support for bills 4944 and 4963.

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I am an ally of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I am writing you to request that you support and vote for two bills: 1) Michigan House Bill 4944 that would require that health insurance policies cover hearing aids for children through age eighteen; and 2) House Bill 4963 that would require hearing related services and devices for children (audiology, speech and language pathology, remote microphone, and earmolds). Both bills are bipartisan and sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats. Approximately 400 children are born in Michigan every year who either have hearing impairments or will acquire one by school age. With hearing aids and early intervention services the large majority of these Deaf and Hard of Hearing children can reach the same speech and language milestones as typically hearing children by age five. Twenty-eight states have statutes that require insurance coverage of hearing aids for children. Michigan should join the majority of states. These bills are cost effective. If just 100 Deaf and Hard of Hearing children start kindergarten in general education and do not need special education because of being early provided hearing aids and hearing related services, that will save the public schools $11,006 (per child) x 100 children = $1,100,600 per year for this cohort. Lifetime savings (including lost earnings), total $383,000/child x 100 children = $38,300,000.00. With early provision of hearing aids and audiology and speech-language therapy services, the vast majority of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children can hear and develop good speech and language.

▶ Created on October 8, 2023 by Michigan Coalition for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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