Close Guantanamo Bay: Uphold Human Rights and International Relations
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Close Guantanamo Bay: Uphold Human Rights and International Relations

To: Rep. Courtney, Sen. Blumenthal, Pres. Biden, Sen. Murphy

From: A constituent in East Hampton, CT

April 29

The offshore detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has become a symbol of lawlessness, operating outside the jurisdiction of any court. Its existence has led to the arbitrary detention, physical abuse, and torture of detainees without a fair legal process. This facility has not only undermined international cooperation in the fight against terrorism but also alienated Muslim communities worldwide. Furthermore, Guantanamo's existence has significantly compromised the United States' moral authority, impeding its ability to advocate for human rights globally. Despite a decreasing detainee population, the facility's expansion is concerning. It is crucial to consider the closure of Guantanamo Bay to restore the rule of law, uphold human rights, and improve international relations. Source:

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