Preserve state pesticide protections in new farm bill
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Preserve state pesticide protections in new farm bill

To: Rep. Pingree, Sen. Collins, Pres. Biden, Sen. King

From: A verified voter in Cumberland Center, ME

May 29

The pesticide industry is aggressively pushing for provisions in the new farm bill that would undermine states' ability to regulate dangerous pesticides within their borders. Specific language in the draft bill would preempt state and local laws restricting pesticide use, preventing jurisdictions from enacting stronger protections than those set by the EPA. This is highly concerning given the established links between pesticide exposure and serious health issues like cancer and Parkinson's disease. Many states have moved to ban chemicals like paraquat and glyphosate precisely because the EPA's regulations fail to adequately protect public health and the environment from these toxic substances. Tying the hands of states by enshrining EPA labels as the final word on pesticide safety would be a tremendous blow to environmental justice and public welfare. I urge you to oppose any provisions that limit the rights of states to enact pesticide policies that go beyond weak federal standards in order to safeguard their residents and ecosystems.

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