End U.S. military aid enabling violence in Gaza
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End U.S. military aid enabling violence in Gaza

To: Sen. Fetterman, Sen. Casey, Pres. Biden, Rep. Dean

From: A constituent in Pottstown, PA

May 2

The United States government's provision of $3.8 billion in annual military aid to Israel, with an additional proposed $14 billion to supply weapons like bombs and artillery shells, directly enables the Israeli military's indiscriminate bombardment of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. This bombardment has caused catastrophic loss of life, with over 16,000 Palestinians killed, 70% of whom are women and children. Entire families have been wiped out, and essential infrastructure like hospitals has been destroyed, creating an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. This brutal collective punishment violates international law. U.S. tax dollars should not fund violence against civilians. A ceasefire and end to military aid enabling these human rights abuses is urgently needed.

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