Prioritize diplomacy, aid for DRC crisis through sustainable solutions
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Prioritize diplomacy, aid for DRC crisis through sustainable solutions

To: Sen. Warren, Pres. Biden, Sen. Markey, Rep. Lynch

From: A constituent in Roslindale, MA

May 4

The situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is deeply concerning, with worsening armed conflict, human rights abuses, and a dire humanitarian crisis leaving millions displaced and facing hunger. However, a direct military intervention by the United States risks further escalating violence and destabilizing the region. Instead, a multifaceted approach prioritizing diplomacy, regional cooperation, and addressing root causes is needed. The United Nations peacekeeping mission (MONUSCO) has long sought to protect civilians, but it now faces challenges as it begins its drawdown after 25 years. Support for regional mediation efforts, like the Luanda process facilitated by Angola, is crucial to finding a political solution and securing a ceasefire between the Congolese government and armed groups like M23. All external military support to rebel forces must cease immediately. At the same time, substantial humanitarian aid is desperately required to alleviate the suffering of over 7 million displaced Congolese and address rampant food insecurity affecting nearly a quarter of the population. The 2024 humanitarian response plan is only 14% funded currently. The international community must prioritize mobilizing resources and enabling humanitarian access while pushing all parties to allow safe civilian evacuation from conflict zones. Additionally, bolstering the professionalism and capacity of Congolese security forces to uphold law and order as MONUSCO withdraws is vital to avoid a security vacuum. Regional forces like the SADC mission can assist, but the long-term solution lies in good governance, economic development, and accountability for human rights abuses by all actors. A precipitous U.S. military intervention could prove counterproductive. Instead, concerted diplomatic efforts backed by robust humanitarian assistance and capacity-building programs offer the most constructive path forward to address this protracted crisis through principled and sustainable means.

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