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To: Rep. Tenney, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand, Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Seneca Falls, NY

April 29

A report from Pascale Coissard Rogeret, Emergency Coordinator, Doctors Without Borders: "Maha* (name changed) is from northern Gaza. She went to a hospital when she felt labor was starting, but… All the delivery rooms were full. She knew something wasn't right, that she needed to be admitted—she has had a Cesarean section before. But with no other option, she had to go back to her tent. Her son died. She gave birth to him in the latrines closest to her tent.” Gazan mothers are miscarrying. Some lose their newborns to starvation, bombs, gunfire, or disease. Some women are caring for the orphaned children of their extended family members. Some women are separated from their medically fragile children because of arbitrary restrictions on how many family members can accompany a child evacuated abroad for emergency medical care. These mothers deserved to raise their children. These dead children deserved to grow up. Families gather together not to hold a baby shower, but to die under the same roof if hit by an Israeli missile. They lie awake unable to sleep due to the incessant bombardments. If killed by an airstrike, their last moments alive will be in fear. In your role, you have not prioritized your constituents, and instead have caused suffering and pain. You are greedy for money and power, and you are shameless. That you are a parent yourself disturbs me. You have the power to improve the living conditions of thousands if not millions of people, yet you let the world burn. You won’t, but you should resign, as you have no integrity, but I’m confident we will remove you from office in the near future. 1. Stop arming Israel. No money, weapons, or material support to Israel. 2. Call for an immediate, permanent ceasefire, with all hostages released, including the thousands of Palestinians detained without charge in Israeli military prisons. 3. Support and facilitate the entry of aid trucks waiting at the border of Gaza with severe consequence for any Israelis who obstruct their delivery. 4. Support severe consequences for Israelis who cause death and destruction in all occupied Palestinian lands, including the West Bank. 5. Support severe consequences for all Israeli military and government officials enacting a genocide upon Palestinians, including all Israelis directly or indirectly involved in abusing Palestinians physically, psychologically, sexually, emotionally, or via religious persecution. 6. Support returning the stewardship of the land to Palestinians born in occupied Palestine as well as to Palestinians who live in exile due to Zionist fascist displacement. 7. Recognize Palestine as a state. 8. Resign and report directly to The Hague to plead your case.

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