Amend Insurrection Act to safeguard civil liberties, democracy
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Amend Insurrection Act to safeguard civil liberties, democracy

To: Sen. Cornyn, Pres. Biden, Sen. Cruz, Rep. Hunt

From: A constituent in Houston, TX

July 11

The Insurrection Act grants the President broad authority to deploy military forces domestically, concerning legal experts about potential abuse against civilians. The ACLU advocates amending the Act to restrict its use solely for suppressing rebellion when explicitly authorized by Congress. Their proposal argues defining the narrow circumstances permitting military involvement would uphold democratic norms by preventing unilateral deployments to suppress protests or serve political interests. By limiting presidential authority, this reform aims to safeguard civil liberties while still enabling a constitutional response to genuine insurrections. Revising these provisions is framed as a necessary constraint against overreach to preserve democracy.

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