Drop charges against Julian Assange, protect press freedom
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Drop charges against Julian Assange, protect press freedom

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Blumenthal, Rep. Courtney, Sen. Murphy

From: A constituent in East Hampton, CT

May 25

The continued detention and prosecution of Julian Assange sets a dangerous precedent that undermines free speech and a free press. As a publisher, Assange's actions in 2010 were fundamentally an act of journalism by making public important information about U.S. military operations that revealed potential war crimes and unlawful conduct. This disclosure was clearly in the public interest. Pursuing charges under the Espionage Act against Assange threatens to criminalize legitimate journalistic practices that are vital for government transparency and accountability. The prolonged imprisonment and psychological torture Assange has endured over the past 12 years, along with the legal irregularities in his case, gravely violate principles of due process. Media outlets like The New York Times, The Guardian, and others published the same materials yet have not faced prosecution, highlighting the unjust targeting of Assange. Extraditing Assange to the U.S. would set a precedent that media outlets outside America have no First Amendment protections, undermining press freedoms globally. Dismissing the charges is essential to reaffirm America's commitment to rights enshrined in its Constitution and prevent the Espionage Act from being abused to criminalize national security reporting in the future. Source: chrishedges.substack.com/p/the-slow-motion-execution-of-julian

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