Seventh mass grave discovered in Gaza - END THE GENOCIDE
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Seventh mass grave discovered in Gaza - END THE GENOCIDE

To: Sen. Gillibrand, Rep. Tenney, Pres. Biden, Sen. Schumer

From: A verified voter in Seneca Falls, NY

May 9

As reported by Al Jazeera today, May 9: "A new mass grave has been discovered at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza where Palestinian officials have been investigating allegations of killings of patients and staff by Israeli forces during their occupation of the site." This is the seventh mass grave discovered in Gaza since Israel's horrifically brutal ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. Multiple mass graves have shown evidence that victims were executed with their hands zip tied behind their back and that others were burried alive. Vicitms have been patients at hospitals, elderly people, and children. Israel tries to claim innocence but it is very clearly part of Israel's genocidal project against the Palestinian people of Gaza. Make this nightmare stop!! Halt ALL military, financial, and diplomatic support for Israel immediately! Demand Israel comply with the UN Security Council's cease-fire resultion and the deal agreed to by Hamas! Reinstate UNRWA funding! Protect student protesters! CEASEFIRE NOW. END THE GENOCIDE.

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