We're in an emergency, please act like it
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We're in an emergency, please act like it

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Warren, Rep. Pressley, Sen. Markey

From: A constituent in Brighton, MA

July 10

The Republicans in Congress have attempted to repeal the Affordable Care Act at least 70 times. In contrast, Democrats in the Senate have attempted to codify abortion rights... once. Is it any wonder that Republicans are winning the PR war? Symbolic votes matter. Putting pressure on the Republicans matters. Meanwhile, y'all seem to be just plodding along acting like it's just business as usual in DC when in fact our country and the world are in grave danger. If the Democrats aren't finding ways to be in the headlines every single day between now and the election advocating for democracy, women's rights, trans rights, fighting climate change, and all the other causes where the majority of the country actually agrees with us, then by definition you're doing it wrong. Either we win in November or there won't be another federal election that means anything again in our lifetimes. Get it in gear. Thank you.

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