Respect student speech, avoid heavy-handed campus crackdowns
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Respect student speech, avoid heavy-handed campus crackdowns

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Duckworth, Rep. Ramirez, Sen. Durbin

From: A constituent in Winfield, IL

May 3

The recent surge in arrests and use of force against student protesters at universities across the nation is deeply concerning. While colleges have a responsibility to maintain safety on campus, responding to peaceful demonstrations with police violence and mass arrests undermines fundamental principles of free speech and the free exchange of ideas that are integral to higher education. History has shown that disproportionate responses to student activism often escalate tensions rather than resolve them. The events at Kent State University in 1970, where National Guard troops opened fire on unarmed protesters, sparked nationwide outrage and a massive student strike that shuttered hundreds of campuses. More recently, the excessive use of force against protesters at the University of California campuses during the Occupy movement drew widespread condemnation. I urge administrators to exercise restraint and uphold students' First Amendment rights to peaceful assembly and protest. Protests over issues of profound moral and political significance have been part of the fabric of campus life for decades. Universities should create spaces for respectful dialogue and dissent, not seek to silence or punish those expressing their views through lawful means. The current wave of demonstrations may present complex challenges, but meeting them with a heavy-handed crackdown will only breed further unrest and tarnish the reputations of institutions that should be beacons of intellectual freedom. I implore you to work toward de-escalating tensions, respect students' civil liberties, and reaffirm the vital role that open discourse plays in the pursuit of knowledge and truth.

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