Rafah / CEASEFIRE!!!
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Rafah / CEASEFIRE!!!

To: Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand, Pres. Biden, Rep. Suozzi

From: A constituent in Hicksville, NY

May 8

Please - if your “red line” has not been crossed your morals and humanity have eroded. I cannot watch more children being crushed to death, their faces are seared into my brain, kids the same age as my own, who by the grace of God are safely sleeping in their home tonight. Invading Rafah was a “red line”, it’s been crossed. Civilians were bombed before being asked to evacuate and bombed again evacuating. Israel is blocking humanitarian aid. Mass graves were found at Gazan hospitals with evidence of executions. You cried when Israeli babies were supposedly murdered on Oct 6th, but remain silent while we see thousands of Palestinian babies and children murdered, buried alive, burned alive, crushed to death. This has to stop. Your inaction is normalizing this violence and murder and will only lead to a more violent and unsafe world. Please stop Israel from committing this genocide, please make them stop. Please speak out for humanity, not political calculations.

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