Enact Supreme Court Term Limits
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Enact Supreme Court Term Limits

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Eshoo, Sen. Butler, Sen. Padilla

From: A verified voter in Los Gatos, CA

May 28

The Supreme Court has become extreme, reactionary, and partisan. The justices are issuing radical rulings that are deeply at odds with both precedent and the Constitution. As your constituent, I’m asking you to rein in the Court by enacting term limits by statute for Supreme Court justices. Justices hold too much power for too long. Every other major democracy in the world has term or age limits for their high court justices. And it’s a policy with strong bipartisan support among the American public. Strong bipartisan legislation is the answer. An 18-year term is more than enough time for one person to wield such immense power. The Court has proven that it is unwilling to hold itself accountable. It’s time for Congress to restore checks and balances by passing term limits legislation now. Thank you, Send

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