Cease aid obstruction in Gaza, uphold international law
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Cease aid obstruction in Gaza, uphold international law

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Courtney, Sen. Blumenthal, Sen. Murphy

From: A verified voter in East Hampton, CT

June 5

Israel's obstruction of lifesaving humanitarian aid to Gaza constitutes a grave violation of international law and human rights. Despite provisional orders from the International Court of Justice mandating the unimpeded flow of aid, Israel has persistently blocked essential items like medical equipment, water filtration systems, and generators from entering Gaza. This defiance has exacerbated the dire humanitarian crisis, with 1.1 million Palestinians facing catastrophic hunger according to UNICEF. The use of starvation as a weapon against civilians is a war crime. To uphold human rights and avert further loss of life, an immediate ceasefire must be enforced. All countries should halt military aid and arms transfers to Israel until it complies with its legal obligations as the occupying power to ensure humanitarian access. Additionally, funding should be reinstated for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to support essential services for Palestinian refugees. Israel's systematic obstruction of aid cannot be tolerated when the lives of countless civilians hang in the balance. www.hrw.org/news/2024/05/07/gaza-israel-flouts-world-court-orders

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