Reject Project 2025's authoritarian agenda undermining democracy and rights
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Reject Project 2025's authoritarian agenda undermining democracy and rights

To: Rep. Eshoo, Sen. Butler, Pres. Biden, Sen. Padilla

From: A verified voter in Campbell, CA

July 11

Project 2025's authoritarian proposals must be resolutely opposed as they seek to consolidate unchecked executive power, dismantle democratic institutions, and systematically revoke civil rights protections. The plan to reclassify tens of thousands of federal jobs as political appointments constitutes a brazen attempt to transform the government into a partisan apparatus advancing a singular agenda at the expense of effective public service for all Americans. Stripping legal safeguards for LGBTQ+ individuals, criminalizing reproductive rights, and enshrining housing discrimination represent egregious violations of fundamental freedoms that cannot be tolerated. Moreover, abandoning efforts to combat climate change, cybersecurity threats, and election subversion gravely imperils national security and democratic integrity. While new administrations inevitably bring personnel changes, Project 2025 goes far beyond reasonable transition by brazenly aiming to contort the entire federal system into an unprecedented authoritarian model. This radical, undemocratic agenda poses an existential threat to American democracy, civil liberties, and the nation's foundational principles of equality and justice for all, and it must be decisively rejected to safeguard the rights, freedoms, and values that define the United States.

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