Statehood for DC now
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Statehood for DC now

To: Rep. Lynch, Sen. Warren, Pres. Biden, Sen. Markey

From: A constituent in Quincy, MA

May 28

The District of Columbia deserves equal rights and representation in Congress. For over 200 years, DC residents have been denied a voice in the federal government despite paying federal taxes, serving in the military, and contributing to the nation's economy. This systemic disenfranchisement is rooted in racial injustice, as DC's population is predominantly Black. Granting statehood would empower a diverse electorate and promote racial equity in our democracy. DC meets all the criteria for statehood – it has a larger population than two states, a robust economy that funds state-level responsibilities, and the constitutional path is clear. The proposed state map preserves a smaller federal district as the seat of government. Statehood is long overdue to uphold American values of self-governance and consent of the governed. I urge taking immediate action to make DC the 51st state and end this glaring violation of equal rights.

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